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MBN Member

Please print and fill in the relevant Membership Application Form:
Membership Application Form for individuals or for corporates in the UK

Standing Order Mandate Form for the UK

Membership Application Form for
individuals or for Corporates/Super Corporates in Malta

and send your completed applications to the relevant addresses below:

Malta Business Network UK, c/o The Treasurer, 70 Thorkill Road, Thames Ditton, Surrey KT7 0UG. United Kingdom

Malta Business Network Malta, TheTreasurer, c/o PWC, 78 Mill Street, Qormi, QRM 3101 Malta

You will then be contacted by the MBN Treasurer or a member of the Membership Team.

MBN UK Membership Rules

Please read the MBN UK Branch Membership rules
here. These are updated from time to time, and advise of changes in our regular communication, however you should also  stay up to date by referring to this page for any updates to the rules.

What is the Malta Business Network (MBN)?

The MBN was set up on an initiative of Joseph Zammit Tabona, then High Commissioner, following exploratory discussions with Christopher Jackson and Simon Galea. They went on to form a committee under Mr Zammit Tabona’s chairmanship. Eleven other members were elected to serve on the committee.  Together, they represent a diverse selection of industries and sectors, many of which are important to Malta’s economy.  Members hold business or professional roles and all have a strong connection to Malta either through their Maltese heritage or business interests. 

Now a
company limited by guarantee, the MBN continues to expand and grow, attracting members and speakers from across a varied range of professions and industries.

The primary objects of the MBN are:

- to promote business and professional opportunities in, or connected with, Malta by re-enforcing and expanding the existing good relations between members of the business and professional communities in Malta and the United Kingdom

- to promote the exchange of information and knowledge between members of the business and professional communities in Malta and the United Kingdom and to explore how they may work together on business and professional opportunities, projects and transactions in other countries and territories and

- to provide social and academic functions for members and guests of the Association


The Malta Business Network Association was originally set up as an unincorporated association on 6  December 2011. On 17 December 2012, an extraordinary general meeting was held during which the Malta Business Network Association transferred the operations, inclusive of bank balance and membership list of the Association, to a limited liability company called the Malta Business Network Limited.

The Members present at the said meeting authorised the three officials of the Association, namely Joseph Zammit Tabona (Chairman), Christopher Jackson (Secretary) and Simon Galea (Treasurer) to sign on behalf of the Association all the necessary documentation to transfer the activities of the Association to the Limited Liability Company.

Committee Members were invited to become Directors of the Limited Liability Company. They were Joseph Zammit Tabona (Chairman), Christopher Jackson (Secretary), Simon Galea (Treasurer), Noreen Cesareo, Martin Zahra, Karl Laferla, Luke Frendo, Charles Cassar, Charles Saliba, Richard Ogden, Charles Gerada and David Walsh. During the meeting it was also agreed that the shareholding of the Malta Business Network (Website) Limited, which company already operates the network’s website be transferred from Mr J. Zammit Tabona who was acting as a Nominee, to the new limited company. It was also agreed that the Association would cease its activities following termination of the meeting since moving forward, the newly formed company, Malta Business Network Limited, would be operating the Malta Business Network (MBN).  

The current Board of Directors (2016-2017) for the MBN UK are: Joseph Zammit Tabona (Chairman), Charles Gerada (Secretary), Martin Zahra (Treasurer), Noreen Cesareo, Perit Charles Saliba, Stephen Bullas, David Walsh, Peter Vella and Reuben Mifsud. HE Norman Hamilton, High Commissioner for Malta, is the President and a director of the MBN, in accordance with the company’s constitution.

The MBN launched a subsidiary, The Malta Business Network (Malta) Ltd in Malta on 2 October 2013.

The Malta Business Network (Malta) Ltd

A limited liability company titled The Malta Business Network (Malta) Ltd was formally registered on 3 July 2013. This is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Malta Business Network Ltd, a limited liability company that is registered in the UK. Both will be known as the Malta Business Network, the MBN in the UK will be referred to as the UK Branch, while the Malta MBN will be referred to as the Malta Branch.

The Board of Directors for The Malta Business Network (Malta) Ltd are: Joseph Zammit Tabona (Chairman), Dr David Tonna (Secretary),  Kevin Valenzia (Treasurer), Robert C. Aquilina, Anthony Farrugia and Charles Gerada.

Why should I become a Member?

The Malta Business Network (MBN) is fast becoming established as a highly effective and influential network within the UK professional and business communities, in particular among those with a Malta interest.

It continues to grow in membership and is generating a real interest within the business communities shared by its members.

Its calendar of business and social events include business briefings, private luncheons, receptions and monthly meetings.

Who can become a Member?

Any individual can become a Member provided he or she has demonstrated to the Committee a genuine interest in furthering the MBN objects, has completed the necessary application form, paid the membership fee and had his or her application approved by the Committee.

How much does it cost to become a Member and how do I pay?

There are different categories available for membership, including individual and corporate memberships. All fees are annual and new members will be charged pro-rata until the end of the year that they joined in. They will then start a full year’s membership as from the following January.

Individual membership costs £100/€118 (inc. of VAT).

Corporate membership is available at £300/€354 (inc of VAT)  for up to 4 nominated members while larger organisations in Malta may take out Super Corporate membership at  €590 (incl of VAT) for up to 10 nominated members. Student membership is set at £20/€23.60 (incl of VAT).

Please complete the relevant application form and send it by email or mail to the Treasurer at, who will then issue an invoice for payment.  This can be then paid by cheque or bank transfer as indicated on the form.

How is the Membership renewed?

We will send reminders each year before your new membership is due.

Becoming A Member

As a prospective member, we encourage you to fill in our Full Membership Application and join us at a monthly meeting. You will also be invited to register on

Similarly, MBN welcomes visiting Maltese who are in London on business and wish to meet members over monthly drinks. In all cases, we advise them to contact us in advance.

Staying In Touch

As a member, you can stay in touch through which provides MBN members and site users with access to events, member profiles, pages, blogs and industry community groups. 

The MBN also has a
LinkedIn group, a Facebook page and a Twitter account to promote activities and engage in dialogue. We invite you to join us and come to our next event.   

Who do I contact for questions before or after becoming a Member?

Please contact the MBN Treasurers or the Membership Team at